February 1904: Diary Monday- Doctoring a Cow

The rain gave us leisure to doctor a cow. I lent important service by standing by with a jug. When I am in the byre, especially in the winter time, I always regret that I lack the physique, not to mention other disqualifying circumstances that might have made me a byre woman.

On the rare occasions when I have carried their “fotherin’” of hay or a small swillful of turnips to a few cows, the pleasant scent, the sounds, the exercise, have seemed to me more delightful than anything indoors. Perhaps it is heredity stirring the blood, for all my female relatives of the last generation liked kye better than cooking.

Burns is not forgotten yet, so I had to have another hour at my song book. For quite a long time it has been in my mind to make some remarks on singing, songs and the singing of Scottish songs which have been a hobby with me. A variety of causes have prevented ; and more prosaic and more useful topics must take the lead.

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