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February 1900: Ruskin — Too Clever.

Among the many fine qualities of the great man, John Ruskin, who is just dead, may be placed this that he was an admirer of high character and gifts in women. I am by no means sure he would be … Continue reading

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February 1897: Go and be an ideal friend

(Many of the columns quote various verses. Here she quotes from John Greenleaf Whittier, who I had never heard of) Hands that ope but to receive Empty close. They only live Richly who richly give. Whittier. That simplest and most … Continue reading

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At a cookery-school I attended, we had a whole lesson devoted to pancakes. We separated the yolks of the eggs from the whites, mixed the yolks with the flour and then added milk to form a batter. Then we beat … Continue reading

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Life of a Farmers Wife

(This first appeared in December 1893, for most part I’ll try and post in a month the original article appeared, but in this case as it is the first one, I’ll make an exception) The wife of a tradesman or … Continue reading

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