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Feats on a Sowens Diet – March 1905

Reading in a new story of Crockett’s that his hero had sowens and skim milk for supper, I had to inform myself again — for about the 50th time — of the composition of sowens. “Mashlam” scones my mind can … Continue reading

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House Proud – March 1906

When we talk of a woman being “house-proud” we do not mean that she is a good wife, a good housewife, or that her house is well appointed, but that the material contents of her house are an object of … Continue reading

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March borrowed from April – March 1904

March borrowed from April Three days and they were ill The first o’ them was win’ and weet The next o’ them was snow and sleet The third o’ them was sic a freeze as garred the birds stick to … Continue reading

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Pickled Eggs – March 1904

(Something slightly different.) I think this recipe has been given previously in this column but it will bear repeating in a plentiful season: boil the eggs quite hard — for half an hour — and, when cool, shell them and … Continue reading

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Delights of Spring Cleaning – March 1904

My recollections of early training in the domestic arts was learning to like to do things which I didn’t like. We may find two distinct pleasures in spring-cleaning. One, the mere physical and mental pleasure in active work that is … Continue reading

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Avoiding Dowdy Look – March 1902

According to the fashion books, short skirts are “not worn.” Whoever walks abroad in a skirt which does not require to be held up is a nobody. In the beginning of the winter, the French modistes introduced and recommended the … Continue reading

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A Scrimp Mantle – March 1902

Cut out a mantle for everyday spring wear. The present shape and style are extremely simple and I was confident it would give me no trouble. The person who is going to wear it told me not to make it … Continue reading

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Few People Fuss About Nothing – March 1900

There are few valetudinarians in the world — that is, people who enjoy being invalid, and who cling to their ailments. Most people who have had any experience of ill-health are only too glad to be able to boast that … Continue reading

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God is not Partisan – March 1900

The way in which God’s name is used in the present war, makes one think that most people regard the Almighty as something smaller-minded than a wise man who ranges Himself with the petty interests and more or less selfish … Continue reading

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Signs of the Season – March 1902

Outside, the vivid green of the fields is dimmed by falling sleet and the back fells — when we get a glimpse of them through the shroud of cloud — are white. Across an angry lowring sky, the black-headed gulls … Continue reading

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