Few People Fuss About Nothing – March 1900

There are few valetudinarians in the world — that is, people who enjoy being invalid, and who cling to their ailments. Most people who have had any experience of ill-health are only too glad to be able to boast that they are again quite well.

There are women, of course, who find weakness a powerful weapon wherewith to subdue the mighty and the strong, and are base-minded enough to make an illegitimate use of it. Such a woman will continue “delicate” all her life, that she may make use of the artillery of headaches, faintings, spasms and nerves. But one cannot be long deceived with the counterfeit. The “bad turns” are always well timed to suit the sufferer’s selfish interests.

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1 Response to Few People Fuss About Nothing – March 1900

  1. Sadly valetudinarians seem to have become more common a century later and we don’t seem to so adept at spotting the ‘delicate’ whose ‘bad turns are always well timed’. Neither are just a female predilection either. 🙂

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