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The Birthday Drive – April 1911

Saturday turned out a fine day and after Brown Eyes had a few busy hours among the cattle and the lambs, with the assistance of his little sister, he drew out the small buggy into the yard and the three … Continue reading

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Hats at the Concert – April 1911

Last Sunday when I entered the kirk porch and an elder threw open a half door with the flourishing air of giving me generous admittance, my feet hesitated involuntarily.  Would there be room for me to get through? Then my … Continue reading

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Birthdays – April 1911

“Ah’m shure; ah’m shure. It’s an awfu wark nooadays wi’ birthdays. They weans ken a’ their birthdays. When I wiz a wean ah’m shure naebody min’t mine and there wis nae praisents ga’in in thae days. Folk had something else … Continue reading

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Girl and the Scrubbing Brush – April 1907

The Scotch lass never goes on her knees to the task of washing a flagged floor. (We are picturing a farm kitchen, dairy, boiler-house, etc., in my part of Scotland) She takes a sack, or half a sack, dips it … Continue reading

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Cooking a Sucking Pig – April 1904

A sucking pig is at its prime for eating at about three weeks old. It should be dressed and prepared for the spit or the oven the day that it is killed as the delicacy of the meat depends upon … Continue reading

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Wife’s Right to Expect Happiness – April 1903

There is talk of a new volume of the letters of Jane Welsh Carlyle, which I should very much like to read; for these letters are said to be certain which were suppressed by Froude (James Anthony Froude, Carlyle’s biographer)  … Continue reading

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Jarring Note on Titanic Disaster – April 1912

Once in a while something outside our own little lives happens which gives the whole thinking world a shock. Such is the loss of the Titanic (passenger liner which sank with the loss of 1500 lives on April 14). We … Continue reading

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Saturday – Funeral For The “POOAH POT.” – April 1905

The children have amused themselves all day digging holes in the sand in which to bury imaginary lambs. They were greatly impressed with the sight of a dead lamb and its burial and never tire of making graves for bits … Continue reading

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Friday – Lambing and EE Pig Holes – April 1905

“Ca’ the yowes tae the knowes. Ca’ them whaur the burnie rowes… My bonnie dearie…” My singing, alas goes from me but all day I have been lilting that old song, almost as if I were 20 again when everything … Continue reading

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Thursday – Golden Butter Temptation – April 1905

On churning days the children are exceedingly busy helping — so they fancy — to carry pails of buttermilk, scrub dishes etc. The golden butter is a sore temptation. Many times have their fingers to be slapped before they learn … Continue reading

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