Scantiness and Lack of Grace – April 1899

Since the adoption of knickers there has been a scantiness and a skimpiness about the bottom of the skirt that does not make for grace when gracefulness is desired. It has been suggested that tacked to the lining inside of the skirt about the height of the knee, there should be a deep flounce of some light harmonious material, silk in preference, to give the necessary fulness and flow. This is particularly desirable since stiffening has gone out of fashion and some materials have an affectionate tendency to cling around our emancipated legs. The foot frill of two or three inches deep was a fraud. It did not give any body to the skirt itself and it was soon in tatters at the back. The fashionably shaped skirt which flutes out from the knee downwards almost like a flounce is too difficult to give a graceful hang for it to remain in favour.

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3 Responses to Scantiness and Lack of Grace – April 1899

  1. I love these fashion views and I think she would have been horrified to know just how long that strange cut Edwardian skirt was fashionable for! And what happened in the 20s. 😉

  2. dacj40 says:

    I shall have a look at what she wrote in the 20s and see whether she has a view. I suspect that she would have been relatively open to new ideas and fashions.

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