Monday – Children in the Byre – April 1905

This morning we had two new assistants in the byre. Two small barrows, as nearly alike as possible, were bought last week and their owners — Brown eyes and Blue Eyes —-felt that it was quite time they began business in earnest.

Brown Eyes runs his barrow along the plank which half bridges the midden and tips its (scanty) contents over the side. He then cautiously returns with the barrow behind him, proud of his achievement. After a while Blue Eyes thinks she also will attempt the plank with her baby feet. As she tips the barrow, however, rather too boldly, it goes over carrying her after it.

Could we keep her in after that to play with a stupid dollie? No. Her clothes wiped tolerably clean and her tears dried she makes for the the byre again with all possible speed. Almost immediately, there reaches our ears the sounds of fighting, screams of anger and sobs of protest.

Blue Eyes thinks there is something superior in the barrow of Brown Eyes. Else, why did hers topple over and his not. So she is tugging at his with all her might. Serious consequences are averted by the loud question, “Who wants to feed the little lambs that lost their mummies?”

Fortunately there are two orphan lambs. So each child assists with a different lamb and smiles and good humour are restored.

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