A little bit of context

Breaking 0ff from the regular posts from around 100 years ago, I thought that some context might be quite nice. The last two posts introduce two characters, brown eyes and blue eyes. These two little minxes were my Grandmother’s elder brother and sister. Brown eyes is Hugh Shanks (b 1901) and blue eyes is Margaret Shanks (b 1903). My grandmother Mary Shanks is born eight years later in 1913, she had another two brothers John (b 1906) and William (b 1911). The children are the offspring of Margaret’s younger brother Robert Shanks.

Over the years that Margaret (Gretchen) wrote her column, all the children feature. The previous two posts are I think the first time they appear and they continue to appear quite regularly for another 15 years or so. Margaret never married or had children of her own and I think she spoilt her brother’s children. My grandmother always spoke very fondly of her. Robert and his family eventually left Cumbria and moved (after the war) down to Sussex where he farmed in Halland, Sussex. Margaret stayed in Cumbria presumably to look after her parents but made regular visits down south, some of which she describes in her column. I think these later columns will get posted sometime next year.

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