Cooking a Sucking Pig – April 1904

A sucking pig is at its prime for eating at about three weeks old. It should be dressed and prepared for the spit or the oven the day that it is killed as the delicacy of the meat depends upon its absolute freshness. Fill the body with a stuffing of bread crumbs worked to a stiff paste with fresh butter, a seasoning of salt and pepper and of finely minced sage (unless the flavour of the latter is objected to).

Truss with the forelegs pressed back and the hind ones forward. If roasted before the fire, it must be constantly basted with good oil or butter. For the purpose, tie the butter in a piece of muslin and rub quickly over the surface. If the pig is baked in the oven, white of egg, beaten till liquid — but not frothed — and spread over the surface preserves it from scorching and makes a delicious crisp coating.

It should be brushed with this rather quickly before being placed in the oven.  From one to two hours of cooking will be necessary. It should be served with bread sauce and some other such as tomato sauce or simply a good gravy.

Sometimes the brains are served mixed in gravy. For this, when the pig is cooked, cut off the head, split it open, take out the brains and chop them very quickly. Have the gravy ready to stir them into.

It simplifies the carving at the table if the body be previously laid open, the stuffing chopped and mixed with the brains in a tureen of gravy. This must be eaten with great despatch immediately the pig is taken from the fire and the whole served piping hot.

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  1. Oy, vey! No brains for me, thanks!

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