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Why Make Life Easier – May 1912

Once when a child I was sent to a grocer’s shop with an order and I heard a girl ask for a packet “of that new kind of black-lead that didn’t take so hard to brush.” A middle-aged man, standing … Continue reading

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Scraps of Conversation – May 1909

Scraps of conversation held at the past winter’s balls and parties: “She wouldn’t be doing that if she had anybody in view.” “And was there no one eligible at all those balls and whist-drives that she could capture? She seemed … Continue reading

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The Vacuum Cleaner – May 1909

Several people of my acquaintance have this spring, made use of the vacuum cleaning machine, either hiring or purchasing outright; and it has been interesting to listen to the various accounts of its operation and effects. It sounds very alluring … Continue reading

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Day Davy “Kinna’ Dee’ed” – May 1905

There is an expression very common to every day speech of the part of Scotland from which I come which sounds odd when literally translated into English; and that is “kin’ o” or as it is pronounced, “kinna.” This turn … Continue reading

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Thrawing the Knock – May 1905

The other day we were cleaning out some rubbish from the attic when I came across a curious crooked handle with a hook attached at one end of it. Thinking it might belong to some farm machinery, I asked if … Continue reading

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Long Distance Walking – May 1903

The present craze for competitions for long distance walking reminds the old people of days when country folk must walk if they would get about at all. This was when there were few railways, no coaches in rural neighbourhoods, few … Continue reading

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Heids and Thraws – May1903

Are there any of our readers old enough to remember this boyish game? All I know about it is this. A Scottish grandfather gathered his grandchildren round his knee, and asked what games they played at school. “When I was … Continue reading

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Willow Wren Has Taken Me Captive – May 1903

This spring, the song of a willow wren has taken me captive. It is perhaps ten days since we heard it first; but it is such a delicate little thing, and so sensitive to cold, that it could not really … Continue reading

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Farmers’ Fare in1782 – May 1902

A correspondent sends me an extract from Southey’s “Commonplace Book, ” from which I shall make some selections. Southey himself has borrowed it from Douglas’s East Coast of Scotland, 1782. “I shall give you a farmer’s bill of fare for … Continue reading

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Monday Extravagance of New Clothes – May 1902

I had been wondering for some weeks how I was going to get into town to see about new clothes for the season, when a traveller opportunely called with his swatches. If a stern and warning eye had not been … Continue reading

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