Saturday – Marsh Marigolds – May 1902

From my bedroom window, I could see a patch of brilliant yellow, running along the top of the meadow. Brighter than the golden gorse and a broader mass than could be due to butter cups or dandelion. It proved to be marsh marigolds.

I could not resist the temptation to carry a bunch of them home although I know that they very quickly droop in water. The only way to use them for indoor decoration is to lift a root in bloom and place it in a shallow tin square or round, filled with water.

On my way to the marigolds, I spied two nests, one entirely of green moss but too high and internally situated for me to reach. My strongest longing to-day is to be a boy, active and strong and to go bird nesting. There is rich promise of blossom on the old thorn trees which are numerous about here.

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