Scraps of Conversation – May 1909

Scraps of conversation held at the past winter’s balls and parties:

“She wouldn’t be doing that if she had anybody in view.”

“And was there no one eligible at all those balls and whist-drives that she could capture? She seemed to go everywhere.”

“But do you think that does any good?”

“Well, a woman is on view, you know, in her best frock and smile, and a man may have some private talk with her without exciting remark.”

“But there’s something frivolous about a ball. The men talk rot between the dances, and you have to be wearing a perpetual imbecile smile to make them think you’re enjoying their wit.” (A satiric young woman evidently).

“But one might take a serious fancy to your face and manner, and follow it up by calling.”

“Yes, very likely; set everybody’s tongue wagging, and never come again. No! I don’t believe balls do any good in that way.”

“Well, I believe they do in an indirect way, or they would not be as popular as they are with girls.”

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2 Responses to Scraps of Conversation – May 1909

  1. ceciliag says:

    brilliant! absolutely.. c

  2. dacj40 says:

    I’m sure similar scraps could still be heard today.

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