Thursday – Disappearing Ducks – June 1903

The ducks have acquired undue importance by disappearing. In dry weather, our shallow ponds evaporate. The ducks wander away and , if they find their way to the river, the chances are that they will not return. Our little flock has dwindled to one —- she perhaps lacking in enterprise.

Finding the duck hole lonesome, she does not come in willingly to bed and has to be sought for every evening. It seems absurd to be making a special reconnoitre for one duck but after all we want her eggs. There seems to be a scarcity of hen eggs the demand for them is so great.

We cannot half supply the customers who come to the door. This exceedingly dry weather certainly affects the egg basket. In to-day’s market they were selling at 12 and 13 for a shilling. Butter wholesale at 10d, that is 11 1/2d retail. At the house we have been charging 1s.

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