Tuesday – Maid and Silent Milking Machine – June 1903

The butter is beautifully stiff this morning; the cream in the pots stood at 52 1/2 deg., the dairy itself at 53 to 54 degrees. Customers are sending for pots to get filled for winter while the price is low. This helps some mornings. Thirty pounds were put down to-day and the rest was quite ready to pack and be sent to the shop in the mid forenoon. Two private customers have asked for more than we kept for them so that we shall have to take out of the pot for ourselves.

The new maid, like the rest of her kind, is careless in the washing of her milk vessels. It has several times been explained to her and she has been shown that they must be first rinsed with cold water, washed in warm water and finally scalded. She was caught this morning putting them straight into the boiler after being slightly rinsed.

Another morning she was found rinsing them with hot water. No doubt, when the importance of a proper method of washing is insisted upon, these girls think it is just a fad of ours to give them unnecessary trouble.

A neighbour had heard of a machine for milking cows, came to see if it was not a joke. She looked at the cups and tubes then up at the pipes and taps; then, noticing that everything was silent, she cried “where’s the machine and what milks them anyway.?”

A neighbour called with a Scotch farmer and entertained us with much news of the difficulties that agriculture has to contend with north of the Border. He says the farmers to-day in Glasgow might just as well be “in the puir’s hoose for ony guid they’re daein’ on their farms.” Which is indeed sad hearing.

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