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Shortage of Wheat – July 1917

It is not so many weeks since we were reading, talking, and writing about nothing but economy — chiefly food economy: how much less we should eat, what substitutes we could find for bread. The tension is relaxed for we … Continue reading

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Wind “Awa Doon In The Jawbox” – July 1917

This time, I was merely carrying a tea-lunch to the hay field, or helping to carry it, for there were two small assistants, “playin’ wi’ yin anither” which was to hold the basket of scone, the jugs of hot tea … Continue reading

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Easiness of Haymarking – July 1917

A war worker, somewhat wearied of the dirt of the turnip field, looked over the hedge at the fragrant hay being tossed into mounds and told me in confidence she thought she could manage that easily. I do not know … Continue reading

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Women to Think Things Out – July 1917

The Electoral Bill is not yet on the statute book, but barring unforeseen accidents we may presume that at the next Parliamentary election, the farmer’s wife will have the same right to the vote as her husband has. Probably, there … Continue reading

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Housewifery and Bottling Fruit – July 1917

(I believe that Margaret is referring to the Scottish Women’s Rural Institute (WRI) here) One object brought against the speeches at the (WRI) conference is that their tone was wholly material, and that they confined themselves too exclusively to practical … Continue reading

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Being from a Small Family – July 1913

(Intriguing that she feels that she and her four brothers were a small family. The baby sister she talks about, I know nothing of. I can only assume that she was born and died between the 1871 and 1881 censuses.) … Continue reading

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Housekeeping is Like Farming – July 1913

Housekeeping is like farming. It is very laborious, and its tasks vary with the seasons. There is the monotonous daily round, certainly, of meals, and beds, and sweeping, and dusting; but in addition to that each month brings a special … Continue reading

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Catching Big Pink Bird – July 1913

Dear Hugh, I so sum people taken in haaa on Sunday because it is going to rane.  Did you chtach any of the corws tt wr stealing father’s turnips. I nele chatch a black bird every morning eatin auntie’s strawbers. … Continue reading

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A Lesson in Manners – July 1912

If little boys are to develop into good farmers, they must begin the study of crops and cattle before they enter their teens. Likewise, if they are to have the manners of gentlemen, it is good for them to have … Continue reading

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Where Swallows Build – July 1910

(This one really made me smile) Early one morning, in my dreams I seemed to be listening to a familiar voice which had a curious burr in it I had never noticed before. While I was puzzling over this new … Continue reading

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