To Cut or Not ot Cut – Thursday July 1903

There are two fields of hay cut in the parish. That is sure to break the drought. More than a week ago, I heard two worthy farmers discussing the question to cut or not to cut.

One said there would be no more growth; it was fast seeding and, if it were secured during this dry weather, the second crop would be very heavy. No, said farmer number two. It was so thin at the bottom that if roots were exposed at present to the sun and arid wind, there would be “neeagh fog” in the autumn.

We bought some new potatoes from a hawker’s cart which came round to-day. He assured us they were S—- tatties from some light soil over by the seaside. They looked fresh and nice.

“The first in; have just come straight from the market; three shillin’ a stone.” So we were tempted to invest in as many as would give us a taste for two days.

Later in the day, we were told by the local green grocer that there were no local potatoes in the market; nothing but Jerseys at 6d a quarter.

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