Catching Big Pink Bird – July 1913

Dear Hugh, I so sum people taken in haaa on Sunday because it is going to rane.  Did you chtach any of the corws tt wr stealing father’s turnips. I nele chatch a black bird every morning eatin auntie’s strawbers. I coot a big one with a yella top under auntie’s net and I am going to bring it hom I had 9 things to dinar yesterday and I eat 4 pancakes, a brown skin and a traekale skon for tea. We have two in the garden for Margaret nock her cup over. John.

This is the letter which John sent to Brown Eyes when he was away for his holidays and Brown Eyes, we must know, has grown so big that he would rather stay at home and help father with the hay. He can rake and lead in and tread on the mow and he likes that fine, better than playing silly games all day with a very small boy and a girl and that is done, cry or quarrel, oftener than three times a day. Because there is no big Brown Eyes to nip them or tear their hair or tig their legs by accident.

Perhaps you would like to know what kind of bird that was that John “coot” under the strawberry net. He nearly caught a blackbird every time he went down the garden just to see how the strawberries were ripening and grand ma told him that the bird that stole most of the strawberries was a big pink one with black legs and a yellow top.

Auntie said she saw two of these big birds they have every morning . He wasn’t so sure he ought to believe her or not for he didn’t remember ever seeing a big pink bird but he said if he could catch it he would take it home in a box and he wondered what he would feed it on.

Auntie said she would help him to catch it so they stole very, very quietly behind the garden hedge till they got close to the strawberries, when auntie peeped round and whispered there was one right under the net. John was very excited and jumped out to catch it at once. “Where is it? I can’t see it ,” he shouted. But there was nothing there but Blue Eyes in a pink pinaforewith her yellow head under the net and popping a big ripe strawberry into her mouth.

His face got very red and he was very disappointed at that kind of big bird because he had been saying that after getting the pink bird father would kill it and stuff it and put it under a glass case. Blue Eyes teases him now and asks him what he is going to stuff her with.

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