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Old Cars and Ugly Farmers – August 1924

One day I had the pleasure of looking round a rural auction mart that may not be characteristic of Sussex as it seemed unique in its way. It was held in a small rectangular piece of ground at a forked … Continue reading

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Black Pigs and Piglets – August 1924

The large Black pig bulks largely in the columns of the agricultural journal but more largely than in the scene outside the window where I sit, pen in hand. A sow stands in the centre of the green lawn in … Continue reading

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What is the best “Slokener”? – August 1921

It is not necessarily what is most agreeable to the palate at the moment that quenches thirst most satisfactorily. Something which has a sharp taste upon the tongue may excite the flow of saliva for a minute or two; but … Continue reading

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Teaching Children by Example – August 1898

It is not natural for children — nor for grown up people either for that matter — to be courteous; that is, to put the rights of others first. The only easy and natural way in which to teach children … Continue reading

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Solicitude of Good Hostesses – August 1897

The hostess who is at ease, pleased with herself and her surroundings, and does not allow her solicitude for her guests to be too marked, is more successful than one who goes out of herself to pay attention to the … Continue reading

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Servants and Lack of Modesty – August 1897

Some people are fond of saying that the lower working classes are over-educated now and that is the reason that good servants are more difficult to get than formerly. That is a dark saying to me for we have never … Continue reading

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How the Drought Broke – August 1921

From accounts of the exhausting and long continued spell of heat, I was afraid to go South, and was agreeably surprised to find the air become cooler as the train sped through the parched country. So cool was it that … Continue reading

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Striving for Hay-Making Skills – August 1916

When the two big stacks were completed and the Dutch barn filled, the carts began to make a noise like thunder in the big barn adjoining the house. John say it’s a very ticklish corner into the door of the … Continue reading

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A Morning of Interruptions – August 1917

It was an intensely hot morning, and I was grating suet and preparing vegetables on a stone sconce out of doors. The bleating of sheep, and the soft scurrying of their woolly forms, just beyond the burn, reminded me that … Continue reading

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The Scottish Farmer Ambulance Fleet – August 1916

We have now handed over the total sum of £2,300 with interest, to the Scottish Branch of the British Red Cross Society. The present position of that matter is shown by the terms of the following letter: 149 West George … Continue reading

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