The Scottish Farmer Ambulance Fleet – August 1916

We have now handed over the total sum of £2,300 with interest, to the Scottish Branch of the British Red Cross Society. The present position of that matter is shown by the terms of the following letter:

149 West George Street,
7th August, 1916.
The Scottish Farmer Ambulance Fleet.

Dear Sir,

We are greatly obliged by your very kind letter of this date enclosing deposit receipts from the Royal Bank of Scotland, St Vincent Street Branch, for the sum of £300 as a further contribution from the readers of The Scottish Farmer towards The Scottish Farmer Ambulance Fleet for which we have much pleasure in enclosing herewith our usual receipt.

This, with the very handsome donation of £2000 you have previously sent us, together with interest on the deposit receipts, will provide sufficient funds to complete the fleet of five ambulance cars, so kindly aimed at by your readers for which the council of the Scottish branch is very grateful.

On their behalf, we wish to thank you and your contributors for the splendid help you have given us, and which has been so useful in assisting us to carry on the work of the branch.

Owing to the recent severe fighting in France, the capacity of our hospitals and our fleet of motor ambulances has been taxed to the utmost and we are therefore very grateful to you and your readers, not only for this additional kind and generous help but for the good wishes which accompany it.

Yours faithfully,

Kerr, Anderson and MacLeod, Hon. Treasurers.

We are now collecting for a field ambulance car for the Scottish Women’s Hospital in Serbia. For this purpose, we want about £300. Of this sum, up to noon on Thursday, we had received £195 11s 11d. Subscriptions are still coming in, and we are confident our readers will not fail us in this endeavour.

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