What is the best “Slokener”? – August 1921

It is not necessarily what is most agreeable to the palate at the moment that quenches thirst most satisfactorily. Something which has a sharp taste upon the tongue may excite the flow of saliva for a minute or two; but that is an evanescent sensation. In reality there are few drinks one could concoct equal to cold tea (milkless) for slaking thirst. It is clean upon the tongue, while at the same time soothing and invigorating to the over-excited nerves.

Barley water flavoured with lemon juice is also agreeable, safe, and its effects lasting; while the harvest worker for centuries has tested the virtues of oatmeal water. It is unwise when overheated to drink very much for the liquid absorbed is thrown out of the system again in profuse perspiration and one suffers more discomfort than before.

We have all had experience of that in drinking hot tea on a warm afternoon. In tropical countries the temptation to drink — if it be merely water —- when suffering from the heat has to be kept severely in check if life is to be tolerable at all. The liquid consumed should not be more than what is lost in perspiration, else the trouble is increased, as it must be got rid of somehow.

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