Sound Judgement of Women – September 1904

When I go over in my mind the married couples whose lives and character I have known most intimately, while there is of course much diversity and disparity, I find that the balance of special knowledge and business ability is in favour of men but that sound judgement in the conduct of life is more often to be found with their wives.

The domestic woman who in her time has had close association with many men — fathers, brothers, husbands — soon feels that they all in their several ways have had to concentrate their thoughts and energies from boyhood on winning their way in the world.

But there are innumerable questions connected with the regulation of the family with the wise conduct of life generally which daily arise to be faced and considered. We find most of us at a very early day in our lives that our men, however clever, either do not think of these or are ill equipped to judge rightly — that is with perfect balance and sanity.

Our daily domestic tasks leave our minds largely at liberty and, as we go about from room to room, darning a sock here, or stirring a sauce over the fire, we ponder these things in our hearts.

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