Fashion of Gloves – September 1906

The last few years have brought us greater liberty in the kind of gloves worn. I can remember when kid was de rigueur summer and winter for all dressy, and indeed for most, occasions. There was a time when cotton or woollen gloves were regarded as an index of poverty.

Fortunately, for our comfort, all that is changed. The thin lace or net gloves and mittens have been a boon to young and old. What a martyrdom to endure tight-fitting kids for hours on a very hot day! When the hands are hot one feels oppressed all over. I am glad to notice the growing custom — in some places at any rate — of taking off the gloves in church.

Women blessed with cool hands probably do not feel the need of removing them and prefer to keep them on — there is always the difficulty of re-gloving after service is over. Speaking for myself, at all seasons my hands become uncomfortably hot in church; the damp finger-tips draw the dye from the book covers, and so books and gloves are spoiled.

Lately, in a strange church, I was relieved to observe several of the best-dressed women in front of me remove their gloves. Even in trifles like that one does not like to be alone; such is the tyranny of custom and fashion.

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5 Responses to Fashion of Gloves – September 1906

  1. No one wears gloves anymore, for better or for worse. Except those with cold paws. 🙂

  2. dacj40 says:

    Gloves seem to be quite a preoccupation in 1906! There is another glove post

  3. Oy, I’m so glad to live today and not then!

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