The Handshake – September 1909

The suggestion is that a good grip denotes a sincere hearty character and that a limp shake of the hand goes with flabbiness or coldness of nature.

My faith in the significance of these little personal traits never really developed for while I was still a school girl I had a friend a little older than myself who possessed all the characteristics of a faithful affectionate nature. Her handshake was perfect. It was a soft firm grip which lingered a little as if trying to say, “You cannot say how much I think of you. How glad I am to see you. “

One could not help but compare it with the shaking of other hands. It was superior. It was perfectly natural to her and therefore I suppose indicative of her character. But time proved her to be quite peculiarly cold hearted and faithless. I still think her manners charming and that hand-shake an artistic triumph but, if I should ever meet her again — which is doubtful — I would not put any trust in her for two minutes, knowing if I did so I would be betrayed.

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