Harvest Vernacular – September 1912

“The kirk wiz awfu’ thin the day.”

“Ay! Wiz’t no? Bit kintry folk wad be a’ that wearit. Ah nivver miss the kirk or ah could ha’ gane tae ma bed fine, so ah could.”

“Are ye by wi’ yer cuttin’?”

“No’ yet. We’re ettlin’ tae hae feenisht the morn. Siccan a guddle in that laigh park. A’ lyin’ every airt.”

“Ah h’ard ‘at Staneyett wiz gaun on wi’ the binder. But it lea’se ower muckle strae on the grun’ for me.”

“Ay, but his corn’s a’lyin’ ae w’y, an mebbe the binder can man’t. It tak’s three horse, ye ken, but than, they’ll hae nae bother wi’ lifters.”

“Ay, an’ the lifters is that fashious. Five shillin’ a day an’ thir meat. An’ no’ workin’ owre sair at that. Twa-three days an’ some o’ them’s awa’”

“Twa-three hoors wiz lang eneuch at oor beans yesterday. Ae man tied three shaifs an’ than said it was owre sair wark, and gaed awa’.”

“Ay, but the beans is awfu’ heavy the year. It’s lang sin’ ah hae had as sair a back lootin’ an’ tyin’thae beans.”

“Is yours growin’ agane?”

“Ay! growin’ oot at the tap, an’ floor’t. They’re no’ sae well fill’t as ah hae seen them but better when ye’re in amang them than ah thocht.”

“Ye’ll be innin’ the morn?”

“Ay! yon heigh park has been cut mair nor twa weeks, an’ we maun hae a stack or twa up the morn.”

“Oor teemothy’s tae in an’ thrash yet. Ah think we’ hiv tae tak’ hit afore the corn — if the wather’ll haud.”

“Weel, it s’ould haud wi’ this mune. Siccan a rid, rid sun gaed doon owre Arran last nicht, an’ a great braid mune wiz in the sooth. Whaither it’s heat, ore whaither it’s chinge, ah’ll no’ tell ye, but it’s an awfu’ braid mune.”

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