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Hospital Bed for France – October 1915

(follow up from Hospital Bed) As several kind readers have sent me generous contributions towards the above, I propose giving a few particulars of my plan for raising money. When the scheme for a Scottish Women’s Hospital for Foreign Service … Continue reading

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Overheard – October 1812

“He hizna mony cairtfu’ in thae stacks; seeven or aicht cairts ye wad think, an’ it’s tappit.” “Wantin’ tae get thirty stacks, I’se warrant ye. But it’s awfu rauchly stuff the ‘ear. Ye sune rapple up a stack. Ah nivver … Continue reading

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We’ll Aye Warsel Through – October 1908

(To the tune, “Sae will we yet.” Proverbs XV 13. A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance.”) King Solomon’s Proverbs hae pith and sense. He had wives in plenty and weans nae a few. Tae cleed them and feed them … Continue reading

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Likes Women Who are Asses! – October 1909

A man was talking to us one day in praise of a certain girl he knew — her character, her manner, her face, her goodness, her unselfishness. In the midst of a glowing encomium, he abruptly changed his voice as … Continue reading

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War Has Done a Lot of Good – October 1915

Purging the nation!! It is a pitiful thing indeed, if after 2000 years of Christianity, we are to be likened to the wandering Jewish tribes that had with difficulty any higher vision than that of a God of Battles and … Continue reading

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“Some of the Grandest Stoof” – Friday October 1908

Warm, foggy mornings that tempt the stacks to reek. The farmers are all saying that if they had expected a tack of fine weather, they would have left their corn out in the fields last week. One says that he … Continue reading

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Still Eight Loads to Bring In – Thursday October 1908

It was hoped that with the assistance of the three recruits, the field might have been cleared yesterday, but there were still eight or ten loads to bring in to-day. The boss got himself up in his coolest attire for … Continue reading

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Left to Mind the Baby – Wednesday October 1908

At waking time, another tempestuous sky and a “blatter of a shoo’er.” Our thoughts flew to the ungathered barley but a strong breeze soon scattered the clouds and we had the most splendid harvest day of the season. A rather … Continue reading

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Extra Hands to Travelling Mill – Tuesday October 1908

An alarming “hush o’ rain” disturbed our early morning’s rest, but the dawn showed a lifting sky, and the day brought a more drying wind than had been granted us for many weeks. So there was a hustle out and … Continue reading

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What’s a Farmer to do? – Monday October 1908

Rain through the night and three whole days. Surely it was not too much to ask — for three dry days would have seen our fields cleared. The master and a boy away to the auction. It does not know … Continue reading

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