What’s a Farmer to do? – Monday October 1908

Rain through the night and three whole days. Surely it was not too much to ask — for three dry days would have seen our fields cleared. The master and a boy away to the auction. It does not know whether to rain or no; but as a wind sprang up after dinner, the men thought they might secure the remainder of that earlier cut field.

Rain drifting as we watch the laden carts pass the window. Is it a shower, or…. Here is the trap in the yard. The master flings off his coat, strips his collar etc. “I must see what these men are doing; I must see about that corn. They must not start to the later cut corn — or the barley — two days — it may clear up. R. is going to bring in a field tomorrow, wet or dry. What is a poor farmer to do?”

When we drink our tea, we try not to talk about the corn and make an effort not to look out of the window to see if it rains.

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