Overheard – October 1812

“He hizna mony cairtfu’ in thae stacks; seeven or aicht cairts ye wad think, an’ it’s tappit.”

“Wantin’ tae get thirty stacks, I’se warrant ye. But it’s awfu rauchly stuff the ‘ear. Ye sune rapple up a stack. Ah nivver hae min’ seein’ stackyairds fill’t as fast.”

“Nor cairtit sae sune efter it was cut. That last corn o’ mine wiz nivver stookit. The butt ends lay tae the win’ an’, as we war sae thrang innin the tither park, ah thocht we wad let it be. It wiz a rale winnin’ win’ for twa three days.”

“The ferms are a’ luikin’ braw an’ bien this back-en’. Fou’er stackyairds than I hae seen for mony a ‘ear.”

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