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Beech-Mast – November 1922

The beech trees this autumn are a wonderful sight. On some of them the nuts or masts are almost as plentiful as the leaves and on a cursory glance the tree thereby loses some of its slender grace and assumes … Continue reading

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The Trees in Fog – November 1922

At a little distance, a hundred yards away, the trees were grey and shadowy clumps, muffled in white fog. “The colour of them will not show up to-day was my inward reflection, thinking of the bronze of the beech and … Continue reading

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Troublesome Cows – November 1921

A week ago, I had the privilege of hearing Sir Robert Greig speaking at a conference of women’s institute delegates and members in the north of England. In giving illustrations of the human tendency to laziness of mind to repeating … Continue reading

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Children of the Poor – November 1919

A teacher in a slum school told me that the children of the very poor are awkward at doing things for themselves. One would think that, as they had no one to wait upon them, they would from earliest infancy … Continue reading

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Shrinking Ponds – November 1919

As the ponds shrank into muddy pools we wondered if the well would hold out. Old inhabitants told us that the “decoy pond,” the main reservoir on the farm had never in their memory been so low. True the well … Continue reading

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Photographing a Prize Ram – Novemeber 1918

Photography has been a favourite hobby of mine for some years, and my efforts along that line have usually been successful. Until recently I had never tried my hand at photographing live-stock and, in my ignorance, I thought it would … Continue reading

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Four Rabbits a Day – November 1916

The little boys have an uncle who is a good shot and on his occasional visits to us, supplies himself and the house with rabbits. To keep up the regular supply in his absence he showed Willie and John how … Continue reading

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Poor Mr Asquith – November 1915

(This is an interesting column. I had never heard of Edith Cavell, and I suspect many others haven’t. I think, having read the link I have given you to Wikipedia, more of us should have. ) (Update January 2014 – … Continue reading

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Baby Sister Picking Violets – November 1915

Many of the letters I have received in connection with the campaign to raise money for The Scottish Farmer Hospital Fund have been addressed simply to Margaret, Egremont, Cumberland, without mentioning my surname Shanks. Fortunately the post office officials knew … Continue reading

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Show Vessel Ayrshire Cows – November 1914

Mr Crawford’s remarks on the “show vessel” of the Ayrshire cow brings to my mind poignant memories of my girlhood. We started with an Ayrshire herd in Cumberland because my mother was of opinion that there was no cow to … Continue reading

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