The New Gig Pownie – December 1898

(I would be interested to hear if anyone knows more about this poem and the author)

Oor John’s had mony a pownie,
Since first he merrit me;
He’s had them wadna trot a step,
He’s had them that could flee.
And some he’s had wad mak’ their heels
Richt aff the spashboard ring,
And ithers, they would rise and squeal,
And dance the Hieland Fling.

 John says he’s noo what’s fashionable,
The thing for London toun;
For thae auld sort that I did like
He’d no gie hauf-a-croon.
But oh! It’s no’ for market days,
Hooe’er it lifts its legs,
For every time it pits them doon
Scrunch! gangs a dizzen eggs.

Tom Dykes.

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