Quickly Comes Bed Time – Friday December 1900

Dirty windows and god daughter’s birthday: The windows are obscured by the fog and dirty rain and they ought to be all washed at once. But who has time to do it? I take those most easily reached and most urgently dirty.

My brother comes in to say that I ought to go and see how a neighbour dresses fowls. There she is in the midst of 30 of them and how much more quickly and neatly she performs her task than we ever manage to do in our house.

Now, I should like very much to slip in and observe her methods and her stitches, etc., but I have another little visit to-day that must not be neglected. It is the birthday of my little god daughter and, however much I may neglect her through the year, it is a pleasure and a duty to look her up on that day and see how much taller she has grown and regret that her beautiful baby curls are straightening out.

After that it is dark. There is some knitting and mending to be attended to. Also some important articles to be read on the Boer War which leave me no better informed than I was before. Also I must finish reading Bullen’s “the log of a sea waif” which is to be sent as a Christmas present to a sailor brother and how quickly and happily bed time comes. It is mid winter and it has never occurred to me that winter is dark or dull.

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