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Enjoyment of a Contrivance – Saturday December 1902

If this frost continues, we shall have skating soon. A caller from a farm a few miles distant tells us that the fells are white. The lower hills press so near upon us that the mountains are quite hidden from … Continue reading

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Cock-Chickens to London – Friday 1902

A few days ago, we sent the last of our cock-chickens to London. The hen chickens of that brood — six of them — are all laying fine brown eggs —- one of them lays a double-yoked egg — and … Continue reading

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Oh, For a Stove in the Dairy – Thursday December 1902

It would be very helpful if we could have a stove in our dairy; not only for the sake of the ripening of the cream, but for comfort and expedition on churning days. How quickly the butter froze into a … Continue reading

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Boys Needed for (Intellectual) Stimulation – December 1906

(In our less innocent age I have added “Intellectual”) During the past week, the papers have had something to say about schools in which boys and girls are educated together. Is the tendency towards co-education a good thing or bad? … Continue reading

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Solidarity at Christmas – December 1905

It is strange to learn that the observance of Christmas, which for four centuries was discountenanced in Scotland, was previous to the Reformation, more of a national festival in that country than in England. It began, by solemn proclamation, on … Continue reading

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Christmas and a Maid – Monday December 1900

The characteristic of this day is wholly determined by the circumstance that tomorrow is Christmas which is kept with us like a Sunday. Nobody does unnecessary work. You are expected to go to church and you are sure to be … Continue reading

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To Earth by Cart of Geese – Saturday December 1900

In this morning’s paper there is a map of the Orange River District. It is about time. I have been driven half distracted by the effort to follow the windings and turnings of De Wet, Knox and Co., on maps … Continue reading

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Quickly Comes Bed Time – Friday December 1900

Dirty windows and god daughter’s birthday: The windows are obscured by the fog and dirty rain and they ought to be all washed at once. But who has time to do it? I take those most easily reached and most … Continue reading

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Ducks take a Dive at Market – Thursday December 1900

We were going to drive to market to-day, partly because of those ducks. But through the night, there was a hurricane of a wind and rain and in the morning a waste of waters. The river had not been so … Continue reading

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Falling Boots and Clogs – Wednesday December 1900

We have a man living in the house of solid sober habits who rises uncalled at the unearthly hour of five o’clock each morning and, of course he wakens everybody else with his heavy tread for our hired men sleep … Continue reading

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