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In Defence of Poor Gretchen – January 1910

(This the final letter on the controversy surrounding Killing the Turkeys, however Margaret doesn’t let it drop and mentions it twice more in her next two columns.) Letter to the Editor: Sir, I am sorry to see more farmers’ wives … Continue reading

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Farming with Refinement – January 1910

(And it goes on) The letter of “Another Farmer’s Wife” in your last issue is highly amusing. After giving an impressive description of the vastness of her native farm, etc., she says “but possibly Gretchen considers even that experience confined … Continue reading

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In Defence of ” Farmers Wife” January 1910

(Margaret obviously wasn’t  afraid of causing controversy. In the previous post she defended herself strongly, however the letters continued coming in) Letter to the editor: Might I ask a few lines of space in your valuable paper to defend the … Continue reading

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Farming as it Really is – January 1910

“Farmer’s Wife” speaks of fostering an idea in the minds of the uninitiated. Now it is the initiated whom I address. The uninitiated are necessarily only chance readers and not to be considered by the writer. Again, she assumes that … Continue reading

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Digusting Description – January 1910

(The previous post obviously caused controversy) Letter to the editor. Sir, May I be permitted to enter a protest against “Gretchen’s” paragraph on killing turkeys in your issue of 1st January. Although born and brought up on a farm I … Continue reading

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Killing the Turkeys – January 1910

“I can catch the turkeys myself, but I’ll require somebody to hold them while I twist their necks,” said the poultry-woman, drawing on her galoshes over her big boots, and tying her skirts round her waist to bring them up … Continue reading

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Under the Moon – January 1910

It was Christmas night, and a party of us went out to shut up the hens. There had been a slight thaw, which melted the surface snow and spread a sheet of ice over the roads and the hollows in … Continue reading

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Communal Porridge – January 1909

In an English daily newspaper recently I read of a young man who had given up a situation on a Morayshire farm because his employer expected him to take porridge and milk out of a large basin from which several … Continue reading

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Last Day of a Feathered Ruler – January1906

This is the brief chronicle of the last day of the chief ruler of the feathered harem. He had become too cocky and we decided to give him a taste of the oven. The mistress and one of the girls … Continue reading

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Learning to Sit Upright – January 1904

We get into the habit of ridiculing the education of our grandmothers which taught how to sit upright without weariness and without touching the back of the seat. The old fashioned culture is coming in again. Ladies of high degree … Continue reading

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