Things a Girl Should Learn – January 1898

There are three things not much taught in schools that every domestic girl would be wise to learn. The first is physiology, ie., elementary knowledge of the structure of the human body, of its organs and their functions.

The next study is sick nursing. Certainly it can only be learned efficiently in practical nursing of the sick, and much that we learn from books and lectures does not stay in the mind

Dress-making and cutting out is another of the most important accomplishments of a housewife. We may know that when we find how seldom a dress-maker gives us entire satisfaction.

We shall be able to alter, remake, mend and make-up with ease and despatch. Many a poor mother, cutting out little frocks and jackets and trousers, is often in despair of the set of a sleeve which she knows not how to put right because she does not know what is wrong. She then wonders why, in the days of her giddy youth, she didn’t learn every useful accomplishment.

The great difficulty in dealing with the education of girls is the fact that, unless they early decide upon some definite career, their future is vague. If they come home and take part in household duties, or help about the dairy or the poultry yard, still in most cases their place is undefined.

If she is brought home with this vague future before her, her only hope is to learn as well as she can everything connected with the house and the farm that falls to her share and not to miss an opportunity of learning in an efficient scientific manner the principles of cooking, dairying, laundrying and household management.

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2 Responses to Things a Girl Should Learn – January 1898

  1. bigsmileu1 says:

    Interesting! I could not imagine living that kind of life today. I don’t think women can go back to the vague future they describe here. We’ve come a long way! Thank goodness. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

    • dacj40 says:

      Thanks for the comment. Over the years I think her attitude softened. When you read some of the later posts on female education she seems to be years ahead of her time.

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