That Umbrella – Saturday January 1902

Oh the muddy skirts and the muddier boots! The roads are in their nastiest condition. The tenacious mud, after a thaw, lifts at every step and somehow we always seem to be carrying things and to have no hand at liberty to lift the skirts high above ankles.

Went to town to-day to get our umbrella (see an earlier post here) and had to wait till it was finished! Another objective was to buy a present for a little girl. Upon going into a shop and looking around, some pretty fancy baskets caught my eye. The very thing. This little girl will soon have her basket full of trinkets and sitting on her small dressing table.

Much calculation has been going on in the evenings for a week or two concerning the year’s milk, butter, days in milk, prices etc. The average price for butter this last year is 1/2d less than the previous year; but that does not settle the average market price for the year. The comparison is not correct unless there is the same relevant quantity of butter at the different seasons and that is hardly ever the case.

A pet puss does not understand that her paws and her tail come in the way of figures being studied of milk and butter prices. She walks to and fro over the pages, rubbing her master’s chin with her face till we decoy her away with a basket.

It is a fancy lidded basket which somehow got smeared with toffee. So I washed it and put it on the rug to dry. A mere human creature would pronounce it a most uncomfortable bed but little puss loves to curl herself inside. It won’t stand upright with her weight and tilts over. She then proceeds to wash herself in the happiest manner. She must know she looks picturesque.

I ought to write this evening to a German friend but I am a little doubtful of her state of mind after the duel of words between those excellent amiabilities, Mr Chamberlain and Count Von Bulow. In her last letter she remarked in connection with our present war that it “makes to boil our blood” and I shouldn’t wonder if Von Bulow has been making it to boil more fiercely. She had also begun to have an interest in Ireland and would I recommend to her a reliable book on the history of that country? Alas, alas! An intelligent German woman is a terror.

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1 Response to That Umbrella – Saturday January 1902

  1. dacj40 says:

    I’m quite relieved she did get that umbrella repaired 🙂

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