Farming as it Really is – January 1910

“Farmer’s Wife” speaks of fostering an idea in the minds of the uninitiated. Now it is the initiated whom I address. The uninitiated are necessarily only chance readers and not to be considered by the writer. Again, she assumes that because she was “born and bred up on a farm”, her extremely limited experience is to be the standard of knowledge of all others similarly brought up.

Why should she not wish to know how people live on other farms? To draw conclusions from one’s own narrow experience of life alone is the fatal road to ignorance. It would indeed be a pity if I had pretended to my readers that “such scenes are the ordinary relaxation of the women folk of a farm house.”

Killing domestic fowls could never be called “a relaxation;” nor could the killing of turkeys be ordinary; in the very nature of the case it must be an unusual business in a farm house. From one born and bred on a farm there is an engaging simplicity in the suggestion that a butcher should have been brought several miles to kill two turkeys daily for despatch by rail to customers.

I have never attempted to kill a turkey but have assisted at many operations about the farm much more “painful” and “disgusting.” One does not work there with manicured fingers and fastidious senses.

Lastly, let me explain that it is my business to write of things farming , not as “A Farmer’s Wife” would like them to be nor as she has found them in her own experience but as they really are in the various counties and districts with which I am familiar. What is the use of this column or of any other for that matter if the readers are never to hear of anything different to what they have been used?”

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