In Defence of ” Farmers Wife” January 1910

(Margaret obviously wasn’t  afraid of causing controversy. In the previous post she defended herself strongly, however the letters continued coming in)

Letter to the editor:

Might I ask a few lines of space in your valuable paper to defend the letter of “A Farmer’s Wife” sent in last week re the article on killing turkeys and to which “Gretchen” gives a rather indignant retort this week.

To my mind also, the article was disgusting and perfectly unnecessary as it was neither edifying, amusing, nor instructive. The killing process could have been done in a much more humane manner. I too am a farmer’s wife on a large farm in West Perthshire and for nearly 30 years before then I was and still am the daughter of a gentleman who farms three large farms in East Perthshire.

On my old home, poultry of all kinds were reared for killing and show purposes and every season a large flock of turkeys was raised for the Christmas market and never, neither during all the years of my residence at home nor at any other farms in the wide district to which I had access, did I hear of or be a witness to such an exhibition of inhumane slaughter as that to which “Gretchen” was at such pains to describe so minutely. I hope “A Farmer’s Wife” will see these lines and know she has at least one sympathiser.

Another Farmer’s Wife.

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