In Defence of Poor Gretchen – January 1910

(This the final letter on the controversy surrounding Killing the Turkeys, however Margaret doesn’t let it drop and mentions it twice more in her next two columns.)

Letter to the Editor:


I am sorry to see more farmers’ wives join in the outcry against poor Gretchen. Just as we sometimes tell our friends the unpleasant as well as the pleasant experiences of life, so Gretchen was evidently in a mood that day for writing of “things as they are.”

It was the unusual she was relating and I am inclined to think it disconcerted her as much as it did the kind hearted ladies who read about it, as I feel sure she is not inhumane.

In consideration of all the delightful things she generally writes about I don’t think she should be so hardly dealt with. As soon as “The Scottish Farmer” comes in, I turn first to Gretchen’s page. For the variety of topics so intelligently handled by her and the many housekeeping hints she gives us, she now receives the thanks and appreciation of.

Farmer’s Wife No. 3.

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