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Who Remembers the Leech – February 1922

On only one occasion have I seen a leech, and it is so long ago, in my early childhood, that I cannot recall on which member of the family, and what part of the body, it was used. A little … Continue reading

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Kitchen Bed Near the Fire – February 1919

I know a lady — whether English or Scottish I am not sure — greatly interested in the housing question who has very strong views upon the kitchen bed, as being both unhygienic and indecent. And I fear there are … Continue reading

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Homelines of a Living Room – February 1919

I am going to describe the living room in a workman’s cottage I was privileged to enter. From the back-door, first one entered the scullery, where there was a porcelain sink, a bath, a gas stove and a gas-plate for … Continue reading

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Child in their Midst – February 1919

(I’m no historian so am not sure what strikes Margaret will be referring to here. However a quick check on Google suggests that this column was published shortly after the Battle of George Square , in Glasgow, in which strikers … Continue reading

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Unrest and Pleasure Seeking – February 1919

History tells us that while Rome was burning, Nero played: while the underworld of France was rising in revolt, Queen Marie Antoinette and her court were amusing themselves with expensive and trivial theatrical entertainments. We have not advanced sufficiently in … Continue reading

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Habits of the Workshop – February 1919

The pavements of Glasgow streets bear striking evidence to the fact that tens of thousands of people are idle. In many parts it is impossible to walk without stepping into some vile expectoration. If one has to push through a … Continue reading

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Children in the Byre – February 1918

Willie comes down in the dark mornings, hardly waits to swallow his porridge before he runs away in the direction of the byres, calling the name of his big brother. “Ooie. Ooie. Where are you? Are you in t’low byre … Continue reading

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Sweet and Low – February 1918

Not a new version, I should have said, but a new application. When I heard the munitions girls last week in St Andrews Halls singing Tennyson’s lullaby I thought I had never realised so fully before the pathos underlying the … Continue reading

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Making Do On Rations – February 1917

Surely “The Raider” (nom de plume of the editor of The Scottish Farmer) speaks unthinkingly when he says that a weekly ration of 4 lbs bread, 2 1/2 lb meat, 3/4lb sugar would be gluttony for most of us and … Continue reading

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Now a Field Hospital Car – February 1917

(An update from X-Ray Field Hospital Car)) We are going ahead with the £1300 required for the field hospital car. This week’s contributions indicate an addition of £45 16s and the new fund now stands at £511 6s 5d. It … Continue reading

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