Loving and Hating – February 1901

In the schools in and about London, essays and examination papers upon the present war have been sent to the children from time to time. From these, 1500 have been taken and interesting results given. The girls enlarge upon the wickedness of the Boers, much more than the boys; but few of either sex had a word of good to say of our enemy. To the youthful mind they are monsters of wickedness. Much was said of the suffering to our people, but nothing of the sufferings of the Boers.

There was no evidence that the children understood the cause or the history of the quarrel; what they understood was that the Dutch are wicked and the British brave and good. The lecturer thought that an attempt might have been made by teachers to instruct the children in the relations of Dutch and British in South Africa, avoiding vindictive sentiments. In their papers, the children would, of course, be paraphrasing their parent’s language. “Thou shalt teach it diligently unto thy children” that “thou shalt love thy friend, but hate thine enemy.”

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