X-Ray Field Hospital Car – February 1917

It is nearly a year since we started this fund. We aimed at one ambulance car, and through the generous response of readers we were enabled to provide a fleet of five ambulance cars for the Scottish Branch of the British Red Cross Society, and one ambulance car for the Scottish Women’s Hospitals at work in Serbia.

Now we are out for an X-ray Field Hospital Car and have obtained £465 10s 5d towards that end. This will provide the equipment; but we want £1300 which will defray the cost of the complete car, engine, wagon, and equipment.

During the week, a sum of £10 3s has been added to the fund, and we should be proud were we able by the date when we close the 52nd list to say that the total amount of £1300 had been obtained. Why should that not be? With record prices for almost all kinds of farm stock and produce, it would be only a small thank-offering were the total to be contributed during the next four weeks.

The prices now being realised are only possible because the men on all the battle fronts and on the sea are doing their duty. Were they all at home, the revenues of farmers would be less. Do not let it be forgotten that rents have not been raised and farmers are not charged income tax on excess profits.

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