Unrest and Pleasure Seeking – February 1919

History tells us that while Rome was burning, Nero played: while the underworld of France was rising in revolt, Queen Marie Antoinette and her court were amusing themselves with expensive and trivial theatrical entertainments.

We have not advanced sufficiently in the wisdom of brotherhood in the last 130 years. The contrasts are still too marked. While the industrial world is rocking to its foundations, one hears of expensive dance-frocks being almost snatched out of the hands of dress-makers, and pleasure functions crowding upon each other as if evidence that the world was now safe for ever.

Not that one would look sourly upon the natural desire of the young people, so long suppressed, for some innocent amusement. But the contrasts are too numerous, too evident, and too indefensible in a social order that has been worth fighting for. It seems at the moment as if they were to become more marked in certain directions, but that will correct itself, or we may expect a violent awakening.

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