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Thinking of the Mistress – February 1817

Mrs Catherine Blair says that I argue on the assumption that all mistresses are able and willing to supervise — a false assumption.” Now, I never suggested that the mistress should have personal supervision of the whole conduct of her … Continue reading

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Silk Underwear and “Puddings” – February 1917

A party of us were discussing the difficulty of restricting our expenditure and so finding more for the War Loan when one said, “I don’t think it is people like us who can be expected to do much but there’s … Continue reading

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X-Ray Field Hospital Car – February 1917

It is nearly a year since we started this fund. We aimed at one ambulance car, and through the generous response of readers we were enabled to provide a fleet of five ambulance cars for the Scottish Branch of the … Continue reading

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Morality Among Servants – February 1917

It is natural that a “servant” should wish to protest against my statement that the standard of sexual morality in country service is deplorably low. But we all know it so well that evidence is superfluous. A good deal of … Continue reading

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Mothers and Daughters – February 1913

“A Grandmother” writes to express appreciation of the few lines I wrote two weeks ago on the subject of the daughter’s critical attitude towards her mother. This is a wide subject, and a deep one, and I could write chapters … Continue reading

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Women in Bereavement – February 1912

After bereavement, men may go about their business but women may not. Very often the sense of loss and the grief has nothing to do with it. “She is indulging in the dignity of not going out.” It is a … Continue reading

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Piano for Company – February 1910

There is one use to which a piano is frequently devoted which I jealously resent, and that is being kept for an entertainer of company. “It is so useful when we have people or when somebody comes in,” is a … Continue reading

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Barefit Weemen in Faibruary – February 1908

They say “we have no old fashioned winters now” but I have experienced an infinite variety in my winters —- seen February fill the dyke and heard it, as this year, fill the air with song. Is it not reasonable … Continue reading

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Narrow Minded Country Folk – February 1905

In a small company of people, chiefly of the professional class, a discussion arose as to whether the daughters of the well-to-do ought or ought not to “go out” — ie., to adopt some independent career. Some were of neutral … Continue reading

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Nothing Degrading in Beds of “Caff” – February 1902

Whether it is in revolt against his own sentimentality or in protest against the proverbial national conceit of the Scot, or to win greater applause in the land of his adoption, certain it is that Ian MacLaren occasionally shows up … Continue reading

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