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Field Hospiltal Car “Ere Long” – March 1917

We aim to provide a field hospital car before the year closes. We require to that end £1300 and, up to date of writing, we have secured £684 13s 8d. This shows we are getting along the right way and, … Continue reading

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Light and Spongy Soda Scones – March 1924

A correspondent writes to ask if I can give her any hints on scone baking, as her scones tend to be tough, and are never as light and spongy as she would like. With the same proportions of ingredients, some … Continue reading

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Apologetic Boys – March 1924

So many people are fond of bewailing the decadence of the modern school child and pointing to the absence of good manners among them that I am glad to relate two incidents that happened to me yesterday. I was hurrying … Continue reading

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Picking Primroses – March 1924

A friend of mine has left the country and gone to live in a city where, in spring-time, she misses the lanes and woods, with their lovely blossoms pushing their way through the winter-bleached turf. I bethought me that she … Continue reading

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Love Honour and Obey – March 1913

Not infrequently of late years, brides have been successful in persuading the ministers who performed their marriage ceremony to omit the word “obey” from the service. (I am ignorant of the Prestyberian form of religious marriage service, and do not … Continue reading

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Bullying Birds of the Field – March 1924

On the field in front a flock of starlings are feeding when a number of peewits descend and appear to drive them off. The beautiful peewits in perfect nuptial plumage, look most forlorn with their crested heads sunk on to … Continue reading

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How I Became a Writer – March 1919

As unkind circumstances forbade my attendance at Wednesday evening’s function when members of the agricultural world met to do honour to Mr MacNeilage as Agricultural Editor and Secretary of the Clydesdale Horse Society, perhaps I may be allowed here to … Continue reading

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MacNeilage Presentation – March 1919

In September, 1917, Archie MacNeilage (first editor of The Scottish Farmer) came near to death when he suffered perforated stomach ulcers. He had attended a ram sale on a Tuesday and spent Wednesday morning at the office putting the last … Continue reading

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Manners of the Smoking Man – March 1920

One day in a narrow lane we met a man smoking as he walked — a pipe or cigar I didn’t particularly notice which. But I did note that, as he passed us, he removed the weed from his lips … Continue reading

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Warming Travelling Rugs – March 1916

Except on boats and in open carriages, one seldom sees a travelling rug now. The rug in its strap used to be a common sight on railway platforms. Now that railway carriages are heated from the engine, a rug is … Continue reading

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