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Field Hospital Car Now a Sure Thing – April 1917

(An Update from Field Hospiltal Car “Ere Long” – March 1917) The field Hospital Car is a sure thing now. During the week the fund had been augmented by no less a sum than £188 5s.

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Beds and Mattresses – April 1914

This is the time of the year when one frequently sees beds hanging out of upper windows on sunny days, and pillows and mattresses airing and sunning in gardens. The bulky feather-bed still lingers in a few country houses, but … Continue reading

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Public Kitchen to Feed all Classes – April 1917

The Food Control Department is going to establish in Central London a large public kitchen to assist in the national economy of food. It is hoped by this means to enable thousands of people to keep within the rations, and … Continue reading

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Women and Agricultural Work – April 1915

(Not part of the Shanks column) A scheme which has the support of the Scottish Board of Agriculture, has been devised by the Scottish Committee on Women’s Employment with a view to facilitating the recruiting of female labour for farm … Continue reading

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Rural Regeneration – April 1917

Our able correspondent, Mrs Blair, has sent for my perusal two leaflets on Women’s Institutes, issued by the Agricultural Organisation Society, a body “which has been formed for the purpose of advocating the principles of co-operation amongst agriculturists in England … Continue reading

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Ways of Spreading of Butter – April 1917

There is a careful and there is a wasteful way of spreading butter on bread. The Cumberland way I have always thought very wasteful. It is vigorously scraped and worked into the cut side of the loaf, and then the … Continue reading

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Boys in Petticoats – April 1914

In engravings and pictures of olden times there are to be seen quite biggish boys in petticoats with only the jacket and the cropped heads to distinguish them from their sisters. I have been told of my grandfather — or … Continue reading

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Women as Police – April 1914

In some of the cities of the United States, a special department for police work by women has worked very successfully, and Liverpool has recently led the way in this country by appointing a woman as police inspector, to take … Continue reading

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Care in Washing Curtains – April 1921

Lace curtains can be quite successfully washed while in the fold, and not submitted to any rubbing or twisting or danger of tearing. Shake them free of loose dust, then fold neatly several times until of a size to lie … Continue reading

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The Lea Rig Again – April 1921

“Anglo-Scot” may again ask, “Why all this pother about the lea-rig?” The answer is simple. A reader some weeks ago wrote to the effect that he and others had engaged in discussion on the exact meaning of the term, could … Continue reading

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