Spring and Summer Fashions – April 1923

A British ex-officer, Captain Molyneux, has established a dress salon in Paris and succeeded in placing himself in the front rank of dress designers. It is not a new trade for him as he was a designer for a French dress-making house before the war and sketched designs from the trenches and from hospitals — surely a gruesome conjunction of activities.

Recently he gave his first exhibition in London and showed his dresses, even those for evening wear, several inches off the ground. Perhaps we may dare to hope that short skirts have really come to stay.

Cretonne is still to be worn — with a difference. It will appear in conjunction with plain materials such as a plain skirt with a short coat of cretonne or vice versa. This combination of plain and figured will be very general. It may take the form of a plain material in cotton for the dress with a wide sash of figured stuff draped round the hips.

The waist has not returned . Its absence is kindly both to the young figure and the middle aged, the slim and the stout.

Stripes are also to be worn with plain materials such as a white skirt with a striped coat. If the summer should be warm, there will be many sleeveless coats seen on the young girls. Perhaps the young people of modern habits are not much affected by the climate but their elders in their choice of summer clothes will be wholly influenced by the sort of weather that May or June bring us.

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