Women as Police – April 1914

In some of the cities of the United States, a special department for police work by women has worked very successfully, and Liverpool has recently led the way in this country by appointing a woman as police inspector, to take evidence from women and children in cases of offences against them.

To all but the most insensitive of minds, it seems an outrage upon decent feeling that the entire conduct of such cases should be in the hands of males from police officer to judge; and as civilisation expands, we must expect to find women taking a more direct and active part in the defence of their sex.

The Chief Constable of Liverpool has advocated this change for some time. The new police officer is a widow in early middle life, who has had some years’ experience as sanitary inspector, and then as a prison matron. She is not sworn as a member of the force, and will not be required to do any of the rough work — such as making arrests.

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