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The Goats – May 1924

On the outskirts of the village, I saw a light lorry drawn by a lean horse and attended by two youths and a girl, all in their late teens, although the eldest might have been over 20. One was at … Continue reading

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Contrasting Views – May 1924

It was the second really warm day of May, and I found an aged woman leaning on the parapet of a rustic bridge and gazing at the water beneath, wimpling over the grey stones between its primrose starred banks. “Isn’t … Continue reading

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Smoking Best with a Saucy Nose – May 1900

I have a friend who marches in the vanguard of woman’s progress. When my old fashioned feet lag behind in the miscellaneous rearguard, she reports to me the prospect in front, the habits of the new country we march in … Continue reading

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The May Cow Quake – May 1923

There is an old saying meant as a caution against putting cows out to grass too early that, after the 12th May, comes a cow quake. A quake that is like to be memorable arrived just before the 12th and … Continue reading

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The Ducking Stool – May 1923

Justice Shearman, in passing sentence upon a woman for slandering her neighbour, remarked that in the good old times, the woman with the mischievous tongue was put in the ducking stool and then sent home “and that was the end … Continue reading

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My Child Without Consent – May 1923

A boy of nine was brought with his parents before the magistrates for a persistent truancy. He had been admonished , punished at school and, whipped at home but nothing would deter him from playing truant once or twice every … Continue reading

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The Shawl – May 1921

The shawl is still the main head dress of women in all corners of the earth. When it is a small square made of cotton or muslin, we may call it a handkerchief if we choose but that does not … Continue reading

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Nature Notes – May 1921

Everything is remarkably early and of trees only the ash is not in full leaf. There is very little May blossom, only a scanty spray here and there, but it is fully opened and by June 1, it will be … Continue reading

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A Letter to My Boys – May 1920

Dear Rogues. I saw some boys the other day planting their cricket stumps and immediately your yells were brought to my mind. I nearly stopped and asked them “Where’s Binks? He is such a grand bowler.” Some very proper little … Continue reading

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End of Gretchen – May 1915

(In response to the objections to the name Gretchen. Margaret reverted to her own name) I am not sorry to lose the name of Gretchen, apart from its German birth. It is more than ten years since I suggested to … Continue reading

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