A Happy Master on Term Saturday – May 1913

It is almost too good to believe that we are actually having a dry, warm, sunshiny day after weeks of persistent wet. It makes such a tremendous difference to have good weather when we have no servants — but the married men — and everything about the place to do ourselves.

The servants’ bedding should be washed and was all done in readiness but so many dirty corners had to be seen to in the dairy and kitchen — some farm girls will purposely leave their domain in a neglected condition for the mistress to clean up after them.

There is one happy circumstance in connection with this term week. The new staff of servants is fairly complete. At breakfast time, a young man made his appearance at the kitchen door. He proved to be a trustworthy lad we once had but who left for a more responsible place. Now he wishes to come back and to be put in a position where he can learn all kinds of work with horses.

The master sat down with a happy face. “Now I don’t care a hang. I am fit up with good men, even if I don’t get another married man. When I told the young man I paid the whole of the insurance, he replied that he would take 10s less. That is his way out of any difficulty over national insurance. It may be open to question but it answers perfectly with us. ”

We are a married man short. There has not been one answer to advertisements inserted at interval for months. When trade is good, rural work and life are not attractive.

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