Advice to Eat Slowly – June 1917

We are being told that if we eat slowly and masticate our bread until it becomes sweet in the mouth, we may get as much nourishment out of two thirds of the food we now swallow hastily. A story is told of a French General who, when he was informed that the rations of his army would have to be reduced, replied, “Let them have half as much, but let them have time to eat it.” Bolted food is half wasted.

A woman lecturer told a pretty story of a child’s receptiveness. She was digging in the garden and turned up a lot of worms. “If my chicks were here,” she said, “you would see how they’d gobble up those worms.” “Oh no!” cried the five and a half-year-old, “they shouldn’t gobble; they must chew them slowly.”

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