Scones with Sour or Sweet Milk – June 1922

Lately two Scottish housewives have told me that they can bake better scones with sweet than with sour milk, and one of these drew the general conclusion that sour milk has a tendency to make the outsides hard of touch.

Surely this is prejudice, in spite of the fact that the sweet milk scones were undoubtedly very good, but no better than I bake myself, with the sour milk, and — may I say it? — not so soft of skin.

There are secrets in the simplest cookery process. A dough with exactly the same ingredients and proportions, and apparently the same manipulation will turn into a light spongy scone under the hands of one, and into a tough cake with another. Also, constant use with one method counts enormously. You manage sweet-milk scones best if you constantly make them so, just as I feel most confident when I have a jug of pleasantly soured milk to mix my flour with.

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